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Paper Joint Tape

Paper Joint Tape

Paper joint tape is a strong kraft tape designed for using with jointing compounds to reinforce and strengthen drywall joints and corners. Retains strength when wet, with tapered edges for invisible seams and strong crease in centre for an effective fold.

Paper Joint Tape Features:

  • Premium cross-fiber paper, high tensile strength to resist tearing, stretching and distortion
  • Accurately center creased to improve corner treatment
  • Roughened surface for superior bond(145g paper only)
  • Spark perforation,eliminate blisters, keeping the joints smooth

Paper Joint Tape Specification:
50mm x 23m
50mm x 75m
50mm x 150m
Paper Core: 2.5” or 3”
Other specifications are available on customers’ request.

Technical Data:
1. Paper Joint Tape

The paper joint tape should always be stored in closed carton at normal room temperatures in an enclosed dry area.

Easy is the best policy!

1.Firmly press joint compound into drywall joints over an approximate 4" wide area.
2.Center the paper joint tape in compound, over hidden crack and embed tape into compound. Cover tape with a thin coat of compound. Remove excess.
3.Make sure nail heads are driven in at least 1/32". Apply joint compound to nail head indentations.
4.After bed coat compound is completely dry (at least 24 hours) apply another thin coat of compound and feather out to a 3"- 4" width on each side. Apply second coat to nail heads.
5.Allow the preceding coat to dry and apply another thin coat, feathering out to a total width of about 8" on each side. Apply final coat to nail heads.
6.When completely dry, at least 24 hours after final coat, sand smooth.
Finishing Inside Corners: Apply compound to both sides of corner. Crease easy paper joint tape and embed. Apply a thin coat on both sides of tape. When dry, apply a second coat to one side only. Let dry, then finish the other side. When dry, sand until smooth.
Finishing Outside Corners: Use broad knife to apply the joint compound over the corner bead flange for the outside corners. The first coat should be approximately 6" wide, and the second coat 6"- 10" wide applied on each side of corner.

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