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Paper Faced Metal Bead and Trim

Paper Faced Metal Bead and Trim

Paper Faced Metal Bead and Trim are manufactured with a strong drywall paper tape, laminated to rust-resistant steel for superior product performance. The steel provides durable corner reinforcement while the paper tape covering ensures excellent adhesion of joint compounds, textures and paints for a strong, smooth finish. With superior resistance to edge cracking and chipping, Paper faced metal bead and trim creates corners that stay beautiful despite the stresses of normal building movement and everyday wear and tear. The unique nose coating on the paper tape covering resists scuffing and fuzzing from knives and sanding. Nails are not required, so installation and corner alignment are easier, and there are no nails to pop
when wood framing shrinks.

Paper faced metal bead and Trim encompass a variety of corner profile options necessary to complete superior quality drywall installation.Paper faced bead and trim products are easy to install and provide long-lasting performance. With suggested joint compounds for smooth, finished corners.

Paper Faced Metal Bead and Trim Features:

  • Fast, easy application to reduce labor costs.
  • Superior resistance to edge cracking and chipping
  • Paper covering to ensure smooth, beautiful corners 
  • Variety of styles to permit design flexibility

There are L, J shapes for your choice, 3m/pc. Other shapes or sizes to be customized.

50/100 pcs/carton or as per customers' request.

The paper faced metal bead and trim should always be stored in closed carton at normal room temperatures in an enclosed dry area.

Easy is the best policy!

Paper Faced Metal Bead and Trims Installation

Installation instructions:

  1. Measure length of corner and cut trim to length with metal snips. For vertical wall installations,cut the corner trim 1/2” (12.7 mm) shorter than the wall height.

  2.  Using a 4” taping knife, apply ready-mixed joint compound to drywall slightly beyond where the edge of the trim will be positioned.(For outside corners, extend compound approximately 2”or 50 mm from the corner on each side; for inside corners, extend 1-1/2” or 38 mm from the corner on each side.) Hint: For this step,thin compound slightly with water. Add water in small increments (for one gallon of compound, add water in 2 oz.increments) and mix. Be careful not to be too thin.

  3. Place trim on wall and press into position. Corner bead should be pressed tight to ceiling. Embed trim by running the knife over it with even pressure at a 45°angle.

  4.  Use the knife (or a damp sponge) to remove excess compound, eliminating any air bubbles under the paper. Wait to dry 24 hours.

  5. Using a 6” taping knife for outside corners (4” for inside corners), apply a second coat of joint compound as smoothly as possible. Feather out 5”to 6” (125 to 150 mm) from the nose of the trim on each side for outside corners (1”(25 mm) past previous coat for inside corners). Let dry. Sand sides lightly where needed.

  6. Use an 8” or larger finishing knife for outside corners(4”-6”knife for inside corners) to apply a finishing coat of compound.Feather compound 8” (200 mm) from nose of trim on each side for outside corners feather (1” (25 mm) past previous coat for inside corners). Let dry; sand and prime.

Apply the paper faced metal bead and trim only at the recommended temperatures of joint compounds.

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